Does the Easy Vatican Tour go inside the Basilica of Saint Peter ?

Yes, unlike many other tours that you may find, your guide will take you inside the Basilica and will help you appreciate the wealth of art that is inside the world’s greatest catholic church.


I heard the lines can be even 4 hours long. Am I sure that I will not wait in line?

Yes, we will make the reservations to skip the line. You will have a privileged entrance and will not have to stand in the general line. This is the fastest and only alternative way to enter the Vatican Museums. You will also skip the line to enter the Basilica of Saint Peter since the guide will take you there from inside the Vatican, directly from the Sistine chapel.


Is it safe to pay online ?

Yes because Easy Vatican Tour is using Paypal as payment gateway. This means that the actual payment is made on a secure webpage where data transfer is protected by encryption. Paypal is the world leading organization for online payment. It uses the latest anti-fraud technology and over the years built its reputation on the security and reliability of its services. Today is used worldwide by more than 87 million people.

What is Blue Travel LLC ?

Blue Travel LLC is the company owning and managing the Easy Vatican Tour brand as well as other renowned travel websites like www.romaround.com  and www.romeurbanadventures.com. Blue Travel is specialized in high quality travel to Italy and is made by a team of people with over 10 years of experience in the online travel business. It is based in Boston (USA) and in Italy has representatives in Rome, Florence, Venice and Cagliari.


What is the difference between the Private and the Small Group tours ?

If you take a Private Tour you will have a private guide only for you and your family. Also you will be able to decide the starting time of the visit. If you take a Small Group Tour (a.k.a. Shared Tour) you will share the guide with a small group of people (10 people maximum) and you will start the tour at 10 am. Regardless of the type of the tour you choose, the quality of the guide will be outstanding and you will have tickets and reservations to skip the line included in the price.


Is it possible to meet the guide at our hotel ?

Yes, but only if you choose a Private tour. If you wish to meet the guide at the hotel just contact us and we will arrange this for you at no extra cost. Please note that by default the tours have a specific meeting point near the Vatican Museum entrance and that in order to meet the guide at the hotel is necessary to contact us in advance.



Is there a dress code to enter the Vatican ?

Yes, there is a strict dress code to enter the Basilica of Saint Peter. Clothing must cover shoulders, belly and knees (T-shirts are okay). The rule is enforced at the entrance of the Basilica and sometimes also at the entrance of the Sistine Chapel. We recommend to adhere to the dress code for not risking that entry will be denied.


Do you offer discounts for children ?

Yes. Children 5 years old and less can join for free and there is no need to include them in the reservation. And children from 6 to 17 years old have a 10 Euro discount on the regular price.


We are arriving to Rome on a cruise ship to the port of Civitavecchia. Will it be possible to organize the visit to the Vatican ?

Yes, you will have enough time to arrive to the center of Rome, take the Vatican tour and go back to the port on time to board the ship. In case you are on cruise we strongly recommend you choose a private tour, so your private guide can wait for you at the Vatican in case the ship is arriving late to the port.


How long does the tour last ?
The Easy Vatican tours are generally three hours long. Sometimes they can be longer, up to three hours and half. The duration is designed to have enough time to see all what is important in the Vatican while having a very enjoyable experience.



Do you offer tours in languages other than English ?

Yes, we do offer tours in Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Russian and Mandarin. If you wish to book a tour in one of these languages just contact us



I see there are cheaper options to visit the Vatican. Why should I choose Easy Vatican ?

Indeed you can find companies that offer cheaper tours. But the quality also is very different.

1) With the cheap tours you are part of very large groups (sometimes up to 40 people). The guide will just take you through the visit and within such a crowd you will have little chance for interactions. Also you will waste your time waiting all the other group members to take their pictures or having time to stop at the restrooms.

2) With Easy Vatican you will see more. Unlike the cheap tours, with us you will visit inside Saint Peter’s basilica with your guide

3) The Easy Vatican guides are knowledgeable, entertaining, with excellent academic background, perfectly fluent in English (or other language) and officially licensed. They are more expensive, but they will make the difference (as you can read in the enthusiastic reviews of our clients)

4) If you consider all that is included (the price of the tickets, the price and convenience of the reservation to skip the line, and the overall quality of the experience) you will see the Easy Vatican tours give great value for money


What does the itinerary include ?

The itinerary includes all the highlights of the Vatican City and Museums: the Museum Pio-Clementino, the Gallery of Maps, the Gallery of Tapestries, the Raphael’s rooms, the Sistine chapel, Saint Peter’s square and visit inside Saint Peter’s basilica.


I tried to book a tour for tomorrow but it was not possible. Is there any other possibility ?

Yes. Online booking is possible up to 48 hours before the start of the tour. However, you can contact us by mail and we will do our best to organize a last minute tour for you even the day before.


Is it difficult to find the meeting point ?

No, it’s very easy. When you book the tour you will receive the exact address and explanations regarding the meeting point, plus a map and a photo of the exact meeting point.  


Is a tourguide really worth the price ?

The Vatican Museums are one of the greatest art collections in the world. A guide will enrich your visit tremendously by helping you appreciate the history and the meaning of the arts you are seeing. It will make come alive the paintings and sculptures in front of you eyes. And it will greatly help you in navigating a huge collection where you would spent a vast amount of time just for finding things on your own. As you can read in the reviews, the Vatican is really the place where the money for a guide are well spent.


I still didn’t receive the final Voucher, what should I do ?

If 48 hours after your online booking you still didn’t receive your final voucher, please contact us via mail or by calling +39 348 236 0293.




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The Vatican tour was phenomenal. We enjoyed everything we saw and the guide was real good. The statues by the Romans and Greeks were astonishing and San Petro was breathtaking. Maria and I felt very fortunate about how good was all our trip to Italy. Thanks for your help.
Salvatore P. (Newark, NJ, US) - 07/01/2013 10:42
Hello Andrea, the tour with Mario was great. He is incredibly passionate about the history of the Vatican and Italy in general and also a fun guy. We really enjoyed it. The visit of the Vatican would not have been so great without such a great guide. Gracias de todo! Un abrazo
Enrique D.M. (Sevilla, Spain) - 07/05/2012 11:09
This private tour of the Vatican area exceeded our expectations. Margherita/Daisy was an excellent guide - she spoke English very well and the passion she has for her work and the city of Roma was very evident. I would highly recommend this tour. We were a group of 10 and all of us keep talking about how much we learned and enjoyed our afternoon with Margherita . Thank you so much!
Susanne B. (Harrisburg, PA - USA) - 21/04/2012 04:26
Hello Andrew, my family and I have been very satisfied with the tour of the Vatican. Margarita was very kind and her knowledge was deep. The visit inside the museum exceeded our expectations as we did not find the huge crowds that we read about. Your organization was flawless. Thank you. Kindest regards
Mrs. Eudora P. (Barton-Upon-Humber, England) - 03/04/2012 11:00
Feedback: Visit 5/5, Guide 5/5, Booking 5/5, Value 4/5. Thank you
Frankie B. (Tucson (AZ) USA) - 27/11/2011 07:16